By now, we all probably know the political activist, graffiti artist, and film director who works under the pseudonym Banksy. Starting as an underground graffiti artist in Bristol, Banksy’s art include many hidden messages revealing his opinions on politics and society.  Underlying beauty and the stone cold truth are what his works reveal and it’s really something to take in. He has grown a massive following since he first started back in 1992 and we cannot wait to see what he does next.


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Und nein, ich war nie anti-alles, ich war immer anti-ihr
Doch hab’ schon lange angefangen mich mit Dingen zu arrangier’n
Und genau das wollt’ ich nie, ich bin schon viel zu lange hier
Ich muss hier weg, denn ansonsten werd’ ich irgendwann wie ihr

— Kraftklub

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Some of the most beautiful places in Iceland, Mývatn Lake, the Þjórsá River, and the Highlands, are in danger after the Icelandic government recently announced plans to revoke 30-year-old environmental protections so that new hydropower plants can be built.  My brother and I recently hiked 115 miles across Iceland — to the Lake of Eternal Life — to visit these places and make a short film showcasing their natural beauty. ” Check out more from brothers Hank and Brian Leukart at

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